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Marx 125

Guide to Marx's Capital (1978) by Eldred & Roth

Michael Eldred & Mike Roth

Guide to Marx's Capital


First published by CSE Books, London, 1978.

© Michael Eldred and Mike Roth. Published with kind permission of the authors.

The authors have corrected orthography and improved expression at some
points for this online-edition.

HTML Markup: J.L. Wilm in 2008.


Preface to the 1978 Edition


Paper 1 Introduction to the Analysis of the Capitalist Mode of Production

Paper 2 The Analysis of Capitalist Production

Paper 3 The Circulation Process of Capital

Paper 4 The Forms of Appearance of Surplus-Value: Profit for Enterprise, Interest and Rent

Paper 5 The Surface-Forms of Everyday Economic Life in Capitalist Society

Appendix I Family in Capital

Appendix II Science in Capital

Systematic Glossary

Index to Systematic Glossary

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